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Douple vagina

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douple vagina

2. the canal in the female that extends from the external genitalia to the cervix uteri.The adult vagina is normally about 8 cm (3 in) long and slopes upward and backward. Internally, the bladder is in front of the vagina and the rectum in back. The vagina receives the erect penis in coitus; spermatozoa are discharged into it, swim through the cervical canal, and enter the uterus.

Urban Dictionary: Double Vaginal

A double uterus may have one opening (cervix) into one vagina, or each uterine cavity may have a cervix. In many cases, a thin wall of tissue runs down the length of the vagina, dividing it into two separate openings. Women who have a double uterus often have successful pregnancies.

Sex position - Wikipedia

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Double vagina | definition of double vagina by Medical

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Uterus didelphys - Wikipedia
douple vagina

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Double uterus - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic
douple vagina

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Vaginal Septum: Longitudinal and Transverse Types, Plus

Pelvic organ prolapse is when 1 or more of the organs in the pelvis slip down from their normal position and bulge into the vagina. It can be the womb (uterus), bowel, bladder or top of the vagina. A prolapse is not life threatening, but it can cause pain and discomfort.

Double Uterus: Symptoms, Pregnancy, Treatment, and More

In women, abnormal development of the Mullerian ducts can lead to a condition known as uterus didelphys, in which the woman has a double set of reproductive tract organs - two each of the uterus, cervix, and vagina. In this case, one vaginal opening is usually blocked and the external appearance of the genitalia is normal.

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